Wytheville Scholarship Recipient Ready to Pursue a Four-Year Degree

Emily Edmonds – Wytheville Community College

Emily Edmonds

My name is Emily Edmonds and I am from Rural Retreat. I am currently an honor student at Wytheville Community College (WCC). I got the chance to meet with a few of Virginia’s delegates on Monday the 28th to share why community colleges mattered to me.

To be quite honest I doubt I would have been able to attend college at this time without WCC because I skipped a grade and therefore was at the same grade level as my older sister. It would have been extremely difficult on my family to put two people through college at once.

I am happy to say thanks to the Wythe-Bland scholarship and Wytheville Community College both my sister and I will be graduating this May without any student loans to linger over our heads for the next few years.

In addition to the financial peace-of-mind community college has allowed me to have, I also feel that WCC has prepared me for the world and my future education in the best way.

I was home-schooled all my life and therefore not oriented to big classes or even getting around a campus, luckily for me though, WCC proved to be the perfect atmosphere for me to learn. I could easily see myself getting lost in the shuffle and being discouraged at a university when I wasn’t used to learning in a group environment.  Now however, I feel ready to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution knowing that what I learned at WCC will stay with me and continue to guide me wherever I go.


2 Responses to “ Wytheville Scholarship Recipient Ready to Pursue a Four-Year Degree ”

  1. Hi Emily!

    What a neat blog! It is so fun to read more about you! So glad you are in class with me and Mr. G!

  2. Congratulations, Emily and Kayla.
    We are all so very proud of you both.

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