Valley Proteins Fellow cites scholarship, community college as key to success


Matthew Hart, SWCC

My name is Matthew Hart and I am a Valley Proteins Fellow and attend Southwest Virginia Community College.

I am studying Business Management and will graduate with my associate’s degree this coming May!!

If it wasn’t for my community college or this scholarship, I wouldn’t be where I am today. More than likely I would be working and barely making enough money to live on.

Financial Aid and scholarships led me to Southwest Virginia Community College. I knew with the help of having my education paid for, I could accomplish anything I wanted.

Among the many opportunities that the Valley Proteins scholarship has opened up for me was a trip to Richmond Feb. 15-16. I was able to attend the 2012 Legislative Reception held at the Jefferson Hotel in Downtown Richmond, where I served as a guest greeter and met many VCCS employees and legislators.  I was also reconnected with many people around the state that I have already met through the Valley Proteins Fellows program.

The next morning, a group of Valley Proteins Fellows joined in with “Every Day is Community College Day” activities, visiting the Library of Virginia and getting a personal tour of the Capitol Building. 

There, we were able to actually tour the entire building and walk down on the floor where the Senators and Delegates sit to vote on bills. After leaving the Capitol, we preceded to the General Assembly Building where I was able to introduce my friends to my own legislator, Delegate Will Morefield.

After leaving Will’s office, we went to Senator Jill Vogel’s office. After that, our final stop was at the 12 noon session of the Senate where all of us Valley Protein Fellows were introduced by Senator Vogel.

I learned a lot on this trip and am looking forward to returning to Richmond soon!


Valley Proteins Fellows introduced in the Senate Gallery


Matthew Hart visits with Del. Will Morefield


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