Transfer, career switchers highlighted in Washington Post

The importance – and ease – of community college transfer was highlighted in the Washington Post, saying public colleges and universities are “building a transfer pipeline that is changing the traditional path to a four-year degree.”

Here’s an excerpt:

In the past few years, state colleges have agreed to common standards for many community college courses and then guaranteed admission to applicants with good grades. The shift helps families save money on tuition while bringing the four-year schools a more diverse student body.

Interest in transfers been heightened by the economic downturn. “Think of us as the lowest-cost on ramp to an undergraduate degree,” said Glenn DuBois, chancellor of Virginia community colleges. “Americans are pretty good at shopping price and value.”

Transfers increased more than 36 percent from 2000 to 2008, the Post reports.

Meanwhile a popular career program also was highlighted in the Post today - the Virginia Community Colleges Career Switchers program, offered at 11 community colleges across the state. Also growing rapidly since its inception in 2006, the program is “graduating” more than 230 new teachers this year…. with tens of thousands of teachers expected to retire in the next few years. The program serves career changers who have at least 5 years of job experience who can use their skills in the classroom.

Two good reads.

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