Tidewater Community College Truly Believes “From Here She Can Go Anywhere”

Rachell Bivens — Tidewater Community College

Rachell Bivens

My name is Rachell Bivens, I was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia and I am 31 years old. My path to Tidewater Community College, where I currently attend school is not your traditional one.

I was always a good student academically, with good grades and test scores, but like most young people I saw no real value in education.  As I grew older, school and education became less about the academics and more about the social environment school represented. Unfortunately, that environment became increasingly negative.

Over the next several years, the constant instances of bullying and the accompanying depression finally drove me to just drop out and get my GED. When I finally made the decision to continue my education I was scared to death, but what I found at Tidewater Community College completely changed my life.

The programs and leadership organizations helped to boost my confidence and in turn increase my drive for and love of learning. So much so that I went from someone who could not speak to strangers to the president of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Secretary of the Student Government, a member of the National Student Leadership Society and a recent graduate of the Funeral Service program( a program only offered at community colleges).

Most recently TCC took student to “Legislative Day” in Richmond, Virginia during which we were able to meet with the Senators and Delegates that directly affect our schools — from the curriculum to financial aid. Community college not only gave me my voice back, but through their support and opportunities I have truly come to believe our school’s motto is true, “from here I can go anywhere”.

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  1. Awesome, you go Rachell! Glad to see you learned a lesson. This just goes to show that student invovelement beyound acedemia is so vital to ones success. You keep going strong.

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