Lucas Prillaman Loves Everything About Patrick Henry Community College

Lucas Prillaman – Patrick Henry Community College

Lucas Prillaman and Patrick Henry Community College President Dr. Angeline Godwin

My name is Lucas Prillaman and I am a freshman at Patrick Henry Community College (PHCC) in Martinsville, Virginia. So far I have loved being in school here; the atmosphere, the people, everything about it.  After graduation, I plan to transfer to a four-year university.

My decision to attend community college was influenced by a plethora of things.  I am the middle of three children and realize that college can be expensive.  With the lower cost of PHCC and the many scholarships available I knew this would not be much of a burden on my parents.

They also committed to a soccer program, making them the first National Junior College Athletic Association soccer team in the state.  This definitely made me happy as I love the game.

Being in a smaller school, and being able to participate in something I love made the transition from high school to college much easier.  Transitions and large changes are something that I don’t always handle well, but this one has been terrific.  When I decided to attend PHCC I applied for one of their prestigious awards, the Patrick Henry Patriot Scholarship.  This award goes to a few of the top high school students that have made the decision to go to PHCC and provides them with full tuition as well as other opportunities.

One of these opportunities came up during my second semester as I was given the chance for a legislative visit to Richmond. On the trip I was able to meet with Delegate Charles Poindexter and Delegate Don Merricks, both of whom took interest in our lives and stories.  They also were able to give us some insight into their thinking and how the legislative process is going thus far.

With their influence on us, I hope we were able to leave some influence on them, and allow them to realize how vital community college is to those who attend.  I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Richmond, as it allowed me to see many of the beautiful sights of our beautiful State and capital and a chance to expand my horizons.  It was an amazing and rewarding opportunity.

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  1. Nice message, Lucas! We are happy to have you as a Patriot and that you are finding your experience valuable. Thanks for sharing the community college message with our legislators!

  2. Lucas, you are a true Patriot. I am proud to know you. I am proud that I was privileged to have you in class.

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