Danville Community College Student Recalls his Visit to Richmond

Chris Carter — Danville Community College

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to the General Assembly for Danville Community College’s Legislative Day on Jan. 31, 2013. As the oldest form of government in America, it is truly a unique experience to travel to Richmond to see our political process in action. Our delegates were extremely accommodating and made my peers and me feel welcome in our visit.

Student Chris Carter with Delegate Don Merricks

First, our college arrived at the Library of Virginia and listened in on a seminar given by Chancellor DuBois about several prominent issues being debated in the General Assembly. After the seminar was over, we traveled across the street to the General Assembly offices to meet our representatives.

Delegates Bob Marshall and Donald Merricks met with us privately to discuss how the political process works in Richmond. We then were given the opportunity to inquire about certain issues and topics that have been taken up in the General Assembly this session. Our delegates proved exceedingly knowledgeable about the issues on our minds and were able to articulate their views to us in a comprehensive manner.

After our meeting with Delegates Marshall and Merricks had concluded, we were taken to the General Assembly where we were given the opportunity to sit in on their session. State Senator Bill Stanley, whom I volunteered for in 2011, introduced Danville Community College in the Senate chamber. It was a humbling moment to be recognized by our political leaders in such a manner.

Our students were treated to a fantastic lunch in the General Assembly office building. After lunch, we headed over to VCCS office and had a private sit down with Chancellor DuBois. We were able to discuss many important issues on our minds with the Chancellor, including our preferences for a replacement for our retiring college president, Dr. Carlyle Ramsey. I found this meeting satisfyingly productive and enjoyed our time with the Chancellor.

In all, I had a fantastic time in Richmond. I encourage any student in the future to take advantage of this opportunity.

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