Central Virginia Community College — An Affordable and Accessible Option

Tanita Anthony

Tanita Anthony — Central Virginia Community College

The night before my first day at Central Virginia Community College (CVCC), all I could think about was how much younger my classmates would be. Unlike the friends who I graduated with, I had family issues that led me to make the decision to wait two years before I started college. But after two long years of watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with my two toddler nieces, I was ready to continue my education.

I applied to my dream school, and by the grace of God, I was accepted right away. I was thrilled … until I received the bill. There was no way that I, a full-time student, nor my mother, a single woman supporting her three children (as well as two grandchildren) could afford my dream school’s tuition. After much research, I turned to CVCC.

CVCC was an affordable and accessible option for me to take my next step. On my first day, I was pleased to see the diversity of our student body. I found out I was not the only person in my classes that did not come straight from high school. In fact, I have classmates that graduated high school with my mother and classmates that are still in high school.

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  1. Currently I am an instructor for NVCC Loudoun in French and Russian. It would be advantageous for me to move to another, less expensive place to live and I wondered if there might be employment available with your institution.

    Thank you,

    J. Hlland

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