Blue Ridge Community College Provides Opportunity

Janelly Lopez — Blue Ridge Community College

Janelly Lopez

My name is Janelly Lopez and I am currently attending Blue Ridge Community College. While visiting some legislators I spoke to Delegates Steven Landes, Tony Wilt and Richard Bell about what BRCC has done for me and why it’s so important in my life.

I mentored at Clymore Elementary School, graduated Fort Defiance High School with honors, and was the first of my family to pursue a higher education. I want to become a first grade teacher and James Madison University was definitely the school of my choice. When I realized how expensive JMU was my education options soon began to change. I was not going to be able to afford JMU and felt as though I wasn’t going to be able to achieve my dream. Someone soon talked to me about Blue Ridge and said that it was a lot more affordable than a university. So I applied for financial aid, enrolled in Blue Ridge, and was about to begin classes but was afraid that I wouldn’t like it.

As the first week of classes were almost over I realized that I was surrounded by many new and great friends. I enrolled in a multicultural club called Spectrum and am now secretary of the club. I have about a year left at Blue Ridge and will then transfer to James Madison University as a junior. I will get my bachelors degree then my masters and plan to become an elementary school teacher.

If it wasn’t for Blue Ridge — I would have never had the opportunity to get a higher education.


Blue Ridge Community College Students with President John Downey and Del. Steven Landes


BRCC students with Del. Tony Wilt


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