Paul D. Camp Community College was the Best Option


Jacob Bradshaw — Paul D. Camp Community College

Jacob Bradshaw

I am a student at Paul D. Camp Community College, and I am currently working on a two-year degree. I plan to earn my associates degree and eventually transfer to a four-year college. As of now, I am still figuring out what I plan to major in, as there are several fields that have my interest.

How did I get here?

My dad was a Colonel in the Air Force so my family moved around a lot. But after his retirement, we chose to settle in my father’s hometown of Carrsville, Virginia; where we currently operate a convenience store called Bradshaw’s Country Store.

After attending school in this area for nearly six years, it came time to search for a college to attend.

Why community college works for me

During my junior year in high school, I clearly understood the significance of having a good education and its effects on my future. In my senior year, the search for attending a four-year university became questionable because the cost of attending a four-year school was pricey.

Never in my mind would I think to attend community college. However, soon my options began to narrow. Within a few months following graduation, I was still undecided on what college I would be attending in the fall.

Soon enough, the alternative of attending community college became the better choice for me.  Already, I have completed my first semester here and I can say that even if I had the choice to attend another college or university, I would have to turn it down. Community college has worked the best for me so far.  Not only is it closer to home, but it’s also a small school, which makes communication with the teachers much easier. I look forward to completing my two-year degree here; and I highly recommend community college to high school students.

My visit to Richmond

During my visit at the General Assembly, I had the honor of speaking with Delegates Roslyn Tyler, Richard Morris, and Senator Louis Lucas. Overall, it was an amazing visit; as I was able to learn a lot more about the legislative process and most importantly, hear from the Delegates and Senator themselves. This is a day to remember for me and I definitely look forward to going back again some day soon.

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